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Romualdo Rivera

Let's create 3D Forms that can be converted into Tensile Surface
Structures achieving its maximum structural efficiency.
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Form Finding

These 3D shapes can be converted into Tensile Surface Structures, with the right principles it
can achieve its maximum structural efficiency. These 3D forms are combinations of Anticlastic
shapes with a Quadratic Surface as ( Z / C ) = (( X² / A² ) - ( Y² / B² )) where the Negative
value will result in a double curvature in opposite directions.

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Membrane Structures, First Steps towards Form Finding, by Romualdo Rivera
Book for beginners, it introduces students to the subject of Tensile Surface Structures.
It explains how to design membrane structures by using the right structural principles.
Language: English | Dimensions: 9 x 6 inches | Hard Cover | Full Color | 154 pages

$49 USD Book, Choose Shipping

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Students from IMS Institute for Membrane and Shell Technologies at Anhalt University
in Germany, will pay here and will get the book at the IMS Institute in Dessau,
Germany. Do Not Click here if you do not study at the IMS Institute in Germany.



Romualdo Rivera is the Director of Educational Programs at AIMS - American Institute of
Membranes and Shell Technologies, Inc. and Membrane Structure Engineer.

Romualdo is the author of the book: Membrane Structures, First Steps towards Form Finding,
written in collaboration with Dr. Raham Zarfam, Carlos Talavera, Thomas Van Dessel and
Caglar Ozturk. Romualdo is also author of the 3D Forms and AutoLISP courses at the Lyceum
of Arts and Technology Institute, San Juan PR.

His education includes a Master of Engineering in Membrane Structures from Alhalt University
of Applied Sciences in Germany. Studied Architecture Textile at Politecnica University of Madrid
in Spain. He completed his Bachelor Degree in Computer Science at UIPR the Interamerican
University of San Juan, PR.